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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 2, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is 9 news now. hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. well, the candidates are making their final push before the
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virginia gubernatorial election. and it is a full-court press across the old dominion today. candidates are searching for undecided voters. the republican gubernatorial candidate, bob mcdonnell and his family have encouraged voters to get the word out at the alexandria victory office. former attorney general's daughter, janine, talked about how her father is the perfect candidate for governor to lead virginians in the right direction. mcdonnell says this is a critical election for the state's future. he vows to keep taxes low, control spending and to get traffic moving again and to improve schools. >> here's what you can do. there are last e-mails you can send out. there are a couple of last doors you can knock on tonight. there are people you are going to go to work and see today that haven't made up their mind. there are a couple of last bumper stickers you can put on
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your cars, your neighbor's cars, friend's cars. bill will come back and take them off after the election is over [ laughter ] >> reporter: and the democratic gubernatorial candidate creigh deeds is also doing last-minute campaigning in the region. he will attend a get out the vote rally that's being held in alexandria. it begins 5:79 p.m. and it is held at alexandria's market square, 202 king street. by the way, you can learn more tomorrow's election by going to our website at we have a voters ' guide for all the races in the commonwealth and it is located on the virginia news page. well, republicans are counting on victories in virginia, new jersey, and new york tomorrow. we talked to the republican national committee chairman, michael steele, during her newscast this morning. >> what's happened is there's been this ground well, this grass math roots movement out there of people who are
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beginning to hold leadership accounted whether they are elected or want to be elected. it is not so much i need to be a republican or a democrat to vote for -- but it is a question of who's the best person to deal with the issues i'm confronting? >> reporter: only 20% of americans in a recent "washington post" abc news poll identified themselves as republicans. a domestic dispute is blamed for a fire in potomac, maryland. the flames broke out in a house this morning in the 10800 block of old coach road. investigators say an 80-year- old man was injured by his wife before she set several fires in the home. the couple managed to get out safely. charges against the woman are pending. >> reporter: it was man's turn to come to the aid of his best friend in fairfax county this morning. a dog was rescued from a house fire in the tysons corner area.
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the fire was first reported around 9:11 a.m. in the 7900 block of vernon woods drive. >> my crew went to the rear of the house to the basement to gain access. as we gain access in the house we came across a canine, a dog. i -- i grab the dog, rescued it an brought it to the front of the house where i made sure it was okay and handed it off to further crews to help the canine. >> the owners were not home when the fire broke out. a second dog did not survive. the cause of the fire is being investigated. prince georges county police are warning residents in college park to be on guard after a sexual assault occurred there this weekend. a 21-year-old university of maryland student reports that she was raped in her residence on dickinson avenue yesterday. after the woman screamed, the attacker fled. police are looking for the rapist in afternoon. and police are also looking
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for the man who sexually assaulted two girls in prince william county. they were trick or treating on saturday night when a man forced them in to the woods behind glendale plaza in dale city. according to police, after the raping, the man fled on foot. a halloween shooting has left a silver spring resident dead. police are still trying to determine what led to the shooting that killed 19-year- old erin thomas bryce in columbia. this happened at a late-night party where more than 100 people were in attendance. the 22-year-old man who was bounded during the shooting is expected to survive, but he may be left paralyzed. police say the death of a 2- year-old boy in montgomery county appears to be a tragic accident. the youngster died after getting entangled in a drapery cord in his damascus home. this happened around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. family members were home at the
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time. they began cpr on the boy but he was pronounced dead at shady grove hospital. election officials have declared karzai the winner of the afghanistan disputed election. voters were supposed to return to the polls this week but the decision to declare karzai the winner came today after his chief opponent dropped out of the race. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: happened karzai will serve another five-year term as the president of afghanistan. that country's election commission declared karzai the winner after his opponent dropped out of the race. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter: abdullah abdullah and karzai were supposed to face off in a second round of voting this saturday, but that's been cancelled. the original election in august was tarnished by fraud. investigators threw out one- third of karzai's vote after
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finding widespread evidence of ballot box stuffing. when abdullah announced he was dropping out he says he didn't think things would be any more fair in the second round. >> reporter: it puts pressure on president obama to decide on a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. the white house wanted to know who the winner would be before announcing whether the u.s. would spend additional troops to the war zone. the president's top adviser i says the decision is too important to rush. >> the goal is not to just make a judgment in the amount of troops but to make sure we have the right strategy to reach our goal. >> reporter: some want the commander in chief to act now. >> we have lost more soldiers in the last month than any previous time. it is time to send help. >> reporter: it could come in the form of 40,000 extra troops. the president's top advisers say he will make his decision in a matter of weeks. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. at least 30 people were killed by a suicide bomber in
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pakistan toe. the blast happened at a bank just a few miles from islamabad. another 45 people were injured. militants have killed 250 people since the beginning of october, and the government vows to continue its offensive against the taliban and al- qaeda. authorities have put bounties on the heads of three top taliban leaders in pakistan. they are offering $600,000 for the insurgents, dead or alive. the bounties are part of the effort to root out militants in the rugged mountainous tribal regions of pakistan. an investigation is underway this to a bank robbery in fairfax county. sky 9 was over the scene this morning in oakton. a bb and t branch in the 2900 block of chain bridge road was held up. a gunman escaped with an undetermined amount of money. there were no injuries. police say the robber left the scene in a gold or tan sedan.
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ford motor company delivered a surprising earnings report today. the automaker says it made nearly $1 billion to the -- in the third quarter. ford says the profits were fueled by u.s. market share gain, cost cuts and the government's cash for clunkers rebate. well, the news is not so good for the cit group because after months of reported trouble, the 101-year-old business filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. cit is a lender to thousands of small and medium-sized byes around the country. it filed for chapter 11 protection after failing to get a second bailout from the government. a navy assault ship, that was built with steel from the stalin world trade center is in new york city. the uss new york is makes its inaugural visit in the big apple. the $1 billion ship sailed up the hudson river this morning. an official commissioning
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ceremony has been scheduled for this saturday. the world's biggest cruiseship is headed to florida. the oasis of the seas cleared a major obstacle when it lowered its smokestacks to squeeze under a bridge in denmark last night. the ship stands 20 stories high and had only a two-foot gap to clear that bridge. it is owned by royal caribbean and it will carry 6300 passengers and 2100 crew members. still to come on 9 news now at noon, president obama prepares to open u.s. borders to people infected with hiv. we'll have details ahead. plus, doctors on the web, more people are going on-line to get their diagnosis. tonight at 11:00, record numbers of people with nowhere else to go are putting up in tents, camper and rvs at tent
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sites across our area. homeless campers. that's tonight only on 9 news now at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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the death rate from the h1n1 virus continues to rise especially among the you know. the latest numbers show more than 100 youngsters have died from the virus. 19 died last week. making it the largest one-week increase since the outbreak
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started last spring. and today, independent health advisers will begin to monitor the safety of the h1n1 vaccine. it is part of a promise by the federal government to watch for possible side effects. the h1n1 vaccine is made the same way as the regular flu vaccine. so specialists are not expecting problems. an increasing number of people are turning to the internet for medical advice. john blackstone goes on-line for this story. >> reporter: this is a time of amazing change in medicine. >> reporter: dr. green says too many of his colleagues are living in the past. >> before i was dependent on having special knowledge no one else has and we don't necessarily have that anymore. >> with google being the second opinion for many, they are offering treatment programs written by doctors on advice
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from everything from asthma to nutrition. >> anna uses a site to track her meals, exercise and her mood. >> i can find out what it means, am i normal, am away out there. what is it going to tell me. >> reporter: the danger comes if a patient believes a search on the internet can replace a visit to the doctor's examination room. san francisco dr. william androett. >> patients often come having made the diagnosis of what their condition is from the internet and quite frequently they are plain wrong. >> reporter: she didn't visit the exam room she opened her laptop. >> it is the worst possible illnesses you could have. you can scare yourself to an anxiety attack. >> reporter: the trick is not -- >> the trick is not to just
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give people data but an interpretation. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> america is opening its doors to people who are hiv positive. president obama is scheduled to officially lift the ban today that bars people with hiv from entering this country. the ban has been in place for 22 years. the president says the measure is "rooted in fear rather than fact." the former alexandria police chief who lost his job after he was arrested on drunk driving charges appears in a new public service announcement. david baker has remained out of the public view until now. he voluntarily appears in a youtube video warning about the dangers of drinking and driving. >> that moment in my life will forever haunt me. how in the heck did you get yourself in this position? why did you get yourself in position? this is one of the more serious things you can do, mistakes you
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can make. and the other thing is, it doesn't go away. >> reporter: 59-year-old baker was sentenced to five days in jail by an arlington county judge. he ran in to another vehicle while driving a city-issued vehicle. he resigned three days after that incident. former baltimore mayor william donald schaefer will celebrate his 88th birthday today with the dedication of a statue in his honor. the eight-foot structure will stand at the inner harbor and depict shafer as he looked in ' 80 as baltimore's mayor. the statue shows maryland's best known mix waiving his left hand and clutching a memo in his right hand. all right. let's go to kim and get the forecast. the sun is finally out. it is going to dry up all of that rain that we got over the weekend. i will tell you how long it lasts and which day this week i'm not looking too much. you want to know it is up next.
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of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia!
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all right. let's get the forecast. >> oh, you need to go on that weather terrace. that's where the sun is. >> is it warm out there? >> it is warmer than this studio. >> it is cold in here. >> it is. after days of rain and a dreary end to the holiday halloween weekend it is nice to have the sun back and a pleasure to have you with us. let's get moving and look around the forecast today. we will have more clouds to the
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east of dc. right on top of us we are partly cloudy. north and west we have some sunshine and we will take you up to 60 this afternoon. tonight we have a full moon. let's talk about november statistics. we start with average highs of 62. by the end of the month the average high is only 52. here's the satellite and the radar loop. the cloud cover is hugging the coast. they have rain by new york and southern new england. there's the dividing line, right along i-95 west it is mostly sunny toward winchester and up to hagerstown. right now we are sitting pretty at 59. 55 gaithersburg. as we look to the west 57 hagerstown. it is a chilly 45 in cumberland and hello, manassas you are at 59. fredericksburg 60. by the way, fredericksburg picked up 1.44 inches of rain over the weekend with southern maryland. two-thirds of an inch inside the beltway. here's the storm that is over the ocean. the cloud deck has been slow to
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pull east. it is gradually eroding an we will it that sunshine in here. eastern suburbs an 57. over the district we will work on 60 today. and this front to the north and west here. watch what happens overnight and by tomorrow. it's knocking on our door in the morning with lows of 48. we will have clouds increase to the west. i don't think any rain will make it here along with this front, but it will stir up our breezes tomorrow. it will be a breezy day and we will return to the upper 50s with partly sunny skies. tomorrow is not a bad day. i'm looking ahead to the middle of the week. some energy in the atmosphere will cruise across pennsylvania. that will be stirring some clouds up around here. wednesday late and especially on thursday. now, this is microcast nine. you can keep your eye up on the title. 6:00 tonight you will see the clouds break to the east. then as we head throughout the day tomorrow. an uneventful day. not a lot of clouds on this depiction at all. in to wednesday morning, that
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line is the 32-degree ice sew therm. we could have 32 degrees at frederick and that's why we are talking about a cold start on wednesday morning. be prepared to cover up the mums. seven-day forecast. it is up and before your eyes. some cooling weather moving in here on wednesday and thursday. we are rather cloudy. isolated shower, only 50. after that we have a ice weekend coming at us. we are talking middle to upper 60s. we may have to tweak a 70 in here by sunday. we will have to wait and see. any way you slice it is just the middle of the week that we have a hurdle. you are watching 9 news now. stay with just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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if you are out of a job and you are looking for work, you do not want to miss this interview. i have the managing director for the southeast region for manpower professionals with me. you recently did a big study about employment and employment opportunities. give me the basis of what the results were. >> that's right. first, thank you for having me. appreciate. it. manpower puts out a survey every quarter and it medications the intentions of employers for the upcoming quarter. over 28,000 employers are interviewed and we compile the data and release the data in this survey broken down by industry sector as well as geographical scope. >> give me good news for people in the washington area who are looking for a job. >> the good news for the dc
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metropolitan area is that 10% of those companies that we interviewed plan to increase their payroll during this fourth quarter. >> that is good. >> that is good news. >> but there is a little bad news certainly. 15% of employers that we interviewed suggested that they would plan to decrease their payrolls for the september quarter. >> we will focus on the good news. >> yeah. >> if you are looking for a job, what do you need to know? what's the most important thing you need to know. >> we are encouraging job seekers to remain relevant and persistent. when i say relevant, that means, maybe those job opportunities that have come a little easier in the past are a little harder to find. so you want to look for what employers are looking for. and update your skill set. maybe there's new software applications out there that will make it you more marketable. find out how to get certification in those softwares. >> and boomers, baby boomers, a lot of them are looking for
12:28 pm
jobs. it's not easy. >> , no it is not. the boomers right now. they are in an interesting category. i think that depending on their career tracking and dependent on their stage of life they could be a little more flexible. so could be for part-time work. >> take whatever you can get right now. >> for sure. >> thanks for joining us. thank you. come back and join us at 5:00. great having you. i will have to have you come back.
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